Hair Inspiration: 52 Ways to Work That Updo

11:00:00 PM

Yes, I realize I've been MIA lately, and I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. I absolutely lovelovelove blogging, but I also know it's not my job.  It's my hobby.  At we have been really busy getting all of our buys in line for Q4.... basically making it possible for you to shop on our site!  I've been focusing all my creative energy at work, so my "inspiration tank" at home has been running on empty. But I'm back!  This weekend I cleaned out my closet and started decorating my apartment for the holidays.  There are lots of posts on relationships, fashion, and more coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned. For now, check out these fall updo ideas.  When I wear warmer/thicker clothes and lots of layers I like to have my hair off my neck and open up my face more.  
Here are 3 guidelines to follow: 
1) No slicked-back librarian buns.  Keep it loose. 
2) Play with your natural texture.  Waves and curls work well with these updo's.  Hair that is one-day-dirty is easier to manipulate, too. 
3) Braids, twists, and/or accessories/headbands/clips add dimension and interest.  This isn't the gym. Be bold. 

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