Feeling California Cozy: Clementine Surfwear and a GIVEAWAY!

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Is it summer yet? I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until the temperatures creep back into the 70’s and I can start wearing all of my fun, bright colors again. I recently found a Los Angeles-based company that brings life, energy, and FUN to our favorite cozy staples--- Clementine Surfwear. 

It’s a vintage inspired line of hoodies, beanies, gloves, leggings, bikinis and more, beautifully handmade in Los Angeles and designed by Graphic Designer/Art Director, Carol Mary Barth. Carol designs everything herself and oversees all stages of production from pattern making, to choosing fabrics, to the little details.

The designer, Carol, a self-described “indie-rocker at heart”, is inspired by 1960’s music as well as the colors of the beach and the ocean—the boats at the pier, surfboards and skateboards, and the sunrises and sunsets over the ocean on her drive to and from work every day. Her line is filled with 1960’s-inspired tie-dye in shades of pink, blue and purple. Carol says, “I want my clothes to make people feel free… I want people to feel that California beach-vibe, that mix of rock and roll, that giddy excitement you feel when you want to dance... I want people to look at my clothes and be excited for tomorrow. I love that. I want people to feel good. These are the things I thought about as I was designing my line, The Glorious 60's Tie-Dye Collection.” 

Why the name Clementine SurfwearCarol says, “My son, when he was little, he used to like eating oranges at the beach. He still does. Only now he is taller than I am… It doesn't take much to make me happy, but it makes me smile when something so simple as an orange can bring you so much peace and serenity. It is such a gift to eat an orange and enjoy nature, sit on a bench, appreciate the sky and just take a moment to be still for a minute. And if I get to eat an orange at the beach it's my idea of a perfect day. If I get to bring my puppy, Daisy, with me and go for a walk along the boardwalk by the ocean, it's even better.” This really resonated with me—my dream was always to have a Yorkie (named Bambi) and walk along a California boardwalk with Bambi's leash in one hand and a Starbucks frappucino light in the other. 

Clementine Surfwear has a fabulous collection of hoodies, beanies, leggings, gloves, AND even bikinis, short shorts, and lingerie-- perfect for festivals and concerts coming up. Coachella anyone?! Clementine Surfwear sent me some fabulous hoodies, beanies and gloves AND they are doing a free giveaway for YOU today through next Sunday, 1/26! One person will win!

What do you win?

A free hoodie, beanie, and gloves set of your choice (a $244 value)!

How to Enter?

1. “Like” Clementine Surfwear on Facebook --click here

2. “Like” Always Dolled Up on Facebook-- click here

3. Comment below a) your name, b) your email address and c) the colors of the hoodie, beanie, and gloves you’d like.  Pick your hoodie color here and beanie/gloves colors here


PS. You should also follow Clementine Surfwear on Instagram here and Pinterest here!

And check out their swimsuits!

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