33 Life Lessons Learned in 2014

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Thinking back to what I was doing last year on New Year's Eve, SO much has happened.  It feels like 5 years have gone by between then and now.  Here are a few lessons I've learned this year that I will take with me.

1. Be with someone who you share an interest in an activity.  Sharing values is not enough.  A bonding activity is important. 
2.   Not making a decision is making a decision.
3. Be with someone who values time the same way you do-- timeliness, quality time, and being futuristic vs. in the moment.  If you are always thinking five years ahead you'll be annoyed with someone who lives day-to-day.  Vice versa!
4.  Stream Ted Talks while getting ready  in the morning.  It's a day-changer.
5.  Grow as a leader by staying focused on conscientiousness. Be a "there you are" person versus a "here I am" person.  
6. Never go a day without smiling.  You have the power to put things and people in your life that bring you smiles... whether that be funny Youtube videos, great music, or a cute puppy.  
7. There are two ways to easily identify depth in someone: 1) Ask them about character-building circumstances, and 2) Ask them about their dreams.  
8. If you're not growing closer to someone, you're growing apart. 
9.  Exfoliate with sugar.  Try it.
10. The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout is amazing.  Subscribe to her Instagram and see the transformations.
11.  Keep an employee engaged and interested by teaching them new skills.  The value of a job is in compensation and new skills learned/opportunities.  Don't forget about the latter.
12. A person's favorite vocabulary word is their name.  Use it to your advantage and make a stellar first impression.
13. You can't "make" someone realize something.  Don't even try.
14. Be with someone who is mentally and intellectually stimulating.
15.  This life is not about us.  If we're so focused on ourselves then how significant can our lives really be?
16. In business, if someone tells you "No", respond with "What would it take?"  See here.
17. Be cautious about leveraging a job offer to get a raise at your current job.  Don't expect to stay there long term.  Statistics show you'll most likely leave within 6 months.  It wasn't just about the money.
18.  Don't make high-energy plans for Friday nights.   Save those for Saturdays and you'll be less likely to back out.
19. Your job is to make your manager look good.  Never forget that.
20.  Marry someone who laughs at the same things you do.
21.  There is a difference between who we love, who we settle with, and who we're meant for.
22. Don't wait to start living.  Take full advantage of this season of life rather than saying, I'll be happy when ____, or I'll do this when ___.   If you wait to start living you might never live.
23. If you're on a bad date, pretend you're on an episode of Seinfeld and find entertainment value in it.
24. Always have a good role model of professionalism, and gracefulness, and tact in your life.
25.  Update your voice mailbox message at least once a year.  You never know who will call.
26.  Give compliments that are not based on appearance, but rather personality or character.  They're more fruitful.
27. Get to know a city by walking versus driving. You will gain an appreciation for the little details and intricacies, from the graffiti art to the ornate light fixtures.
28.   Hair feeling dull?  Weighed down?  Use a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month. 
29. Take more pictures of experiences than you think you should.  You'll never regret having more captured memories.
30. It's better to be alone than be with someone who makes you wish you were alone.
31. You'll become like the 5 people you surround yourself with most closely. Make sure they're people with dreams, desires, and ambition.  They'll help you push for and realize your own.
32. Never give a wispy hug.  Either go 100% or don't hug them at all.
33. If you're interested in someone casually touch the inside of their forearm.  It's scientifically proven to make a positive, lasting impression.

Looking forward to a big 2015!

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