Snapback Sunday: 8 Reasons Girls Love Guys in Hats

1:49:00 AM

Some women love a man in a suit and tie.  I love a man in a hat.  I'm not talking about all hats.  I'm talking about a snapback.  My mom will read this and text me something like, "What snapbacks?", so I will clarify. A snapback is an adjustable, flat-brim baseball cap.  But really, any type of baseball cap is swoon-worthy in my eyes.  Here are 8 reasons why girls love guys in hats:

1. A hat makes a guy seem more assertive and confident.  It commands attention.

2. A hat implies that a guy intentionally chose to accessorize... or maybe it was a bad hair day.  Either way, the hat was intentional, and being intentional is attractive.

3. A hat makes a guy seem more mysterious and intriguing. It draws us in.

4. A hat makes a guy look more laid back and comfortable with himself.  It puts us at ease.

5. A mature, professional guy wearing a hat on his down time shows he is multidimensional and can adapt to his environment.

6.  A hat suggests a guy is/was athletic. 

7.  A hat gives us a subject to comment on to break the ice.

8.  A hat with a hoodie pulled up over it on rainy days gets extra points.  That combo... love it. 


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