To Do: Create Your Vivid Vision

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Chances are.... you're not exactly where you want to be in life.  You want a life full of meaning and substance.  You want each day to count for something.  You get up every morning.  You go to work.  You do your best.  You're driven by the hope that someday you'll be "living the dream."

We are always told to think big picture.  I think this is what prevents people from achieving their "big picture" dream.  If you only think big picture, you're never going to live in that picture.   It will always be a mere idea.  In 5, 10, or 15 years from now you'll still be at point A looking at point B.   I believe that in order to bridge this gap you need to establish your Vivid Vision.  You must paint the most colorful, complete picture possible. Use every type of brush.  Mix different mediums.  Blend colors to create the perfect shades.  Find inspiration in all of your senses.  Your Vivid Vision will provide you with tangible "within-reach" steps ways to make your "big picture dream" a reality.
Here is mine.

Fluffy, white, crisp California King Bed.

Ocean air filling my soul every morning.

Daily walks on the beach with my dog, Bentley.

Wild beach hair.

Big sunnies and sundresses. Every day.

Two little girls with bows in their hair.

A dependable, loving husband.

Making my family pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast.

Packing lunches for my husband and kids with little love notes included.

Driving a small, fuel-efficient SUV/crossover with light tan leather seats.

Hearing my kids sing in the backseat.

A palm tree in the front yard.

A home office with mirrored furniture and clean lines.

Pansies planted in the window box.

My house smelling like homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies.

Family nights.

Date nights.

Vegetables growing in the backyard.

Blogging every day.

Feeling entrepreneurial.

~20,000 steps every day.

Doing projects around the house with my husband.

Baking cupcakes for my kids to bring to school on their birthday.

Filling up bookshelves with photo albums.

Creating family traditions for each holiday.

Being the best sister possible to Colleen.

Planning annual trips to someplace new.

Back to school shopping.

Teaching kids to be resourceful.

Finding new places to hike.

Beach bonfires.

Annual family pictures.


Starbucks Sundays.

Reading the local newspaper.

Clipping coupons.

Developing a network of "family friends."

Road trips up and down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Volunteering at the hospital with patients and their families.

Taking the kids boating.

Collecting seashells.

Sewing quilts and cute outfits for my kids.

Relaxing in the backyard jacuzzi.

Roasting marshmallows in the fire pit.

Grilling with the neighbors.

Creating bouquets from the backyard garden.

Painting tiny fingernails.

Celebrating failures.

Making lists.

Helping people achieve their goals.

Happy Painting,

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