15 Questions to Help You Declutter

4:01:00 PM

1.  Would you let your significant other see you wearing it? 

2. Would you buy it if you were shopping today?

3. Have you used it/worn it in the last two years?

4. Would anyone actually pay money for it at a thrift store?
5. Are you keeping it to avoid feeling like you wasted money?

6.  Does it make you feel good about yourself and your life?

7.  Are you keeping it out of expectation or obligation?

8. If you moved would you want to pack it up and take it with you?

9. When you see this does it make you feel positive or negative?

10. Are you holding onto a broken item to fix in the future?

11.  Do you have something else that can do the same thing? i.e. two black cardigans, two vacuum cleaners, etc.

12. If someone else had this would you suggest they get rid of it?

13. Could you use the space for something better?

14.  Would someone else get more use out of it than you?

15. For those clothes you wear around the house when you're slumming it.... If you collapsed or fainted and the EMT's found you wearing it, would you be embarrassed?  **Yes, these are my thoughts.


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