17 Things to Love About August

6:42:00 PM

1. Brach's Candy Corn Pumpkins hit the shelves this month.  High priority.

2.  The charm of local county fairs, not to mention the Minnesota State Fair!  

3. Cool, crisp summer nights, aka perfect hoodie weather.

4.  Sweet corn stands on the side of the road.  Anyone from the midwest?  Nothing beats sweet corn from a farm stand.

5.  Blonder hairs!  These represent summer's memories.  Don't mind the crispy, damaged ends. 

6. Swimsuit and sandal clearances!  It's a great time to stock up on the next sizes up if you have fast-growing little ones. 

7. School supplies.  Who doesn't love this?

8. The serenity and life's slower speeds after the chaos of summer. 

9.  Sleeping with the windows open and getting the cool night air.

10. College football.  Tailgating.  Food.  Your Alma Mater.  Outfit planning. 

11.  New fall clothes and boots!  Get ready to transition your closet to fall.

12.  Personal reflection.  The season is ending and it's a great time to reflect on the past few months.  How has life changed?  What do you envision for your life this fall?

13. Fall scented candles.  Autumn leaves, salted caramel, and, check this out, "pumpkin pecan waffles."  Yes, please!

14. Halloween costume planning.  You can never start too soon.

15.  Harvesting your garden produce.  Everything should be ready for the picking! 

16.  Outdoor summer concerts.  Soak up the last of these.

17. My boyfriend is back!  This probably comes before candy corn pumpkins.  :)


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