11 Different Ways to Get Rid of Furniture FAST

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Recently, I've faced a couple of dilemmas in this move from Seattle to San Diego, 1) Moving without a company providing relocation and 2) Moving without a vehicle.    When I moved from Las Vegas to Seattle, the movers literally packed everything, from my shampoo to my dining room table.  This time was different.  Why? My job is not relocating me and I don't have a car yet. So I had to think strategically. If I know that I can sell something for 75%+ of what I paid for it and purchase it again in the new location then I will.  When it comes to furniture this option is often better than paying to move it, especially with the risk of damaging it during the move.   Here are some creative and scrappy ways to get rid of furniture when you're car-less and on the move to a new city....

1. Craigslist it... but include "Pick Up Only" in the title.  Also, consider listing it in the "Free" section, but be prepared for some weirdos.

2. Rent a truck from Home Depot for $19/hour to move something a short distance for a Craigslist buyer or to a donation center.

3. List your items for sale within your apartment complex, near the front door, on the elevators, on the bulletin board, or on their resident portal.   It's optimal to sell furniture to neighbors for proximity reasons, but it also seems to yield more seamless transactions.

4. Send an email out to coworkers with pictures and prices of what you're selling.   Again, more seamless transactions.  

5. Google "free donation pick up" in your area.  They'll usually take anything that's in nice condition, except for mattresses.  Get a donation receipt for when you file your taxes.

6. Mattresses are super annoying to get rid of if you don't have a vehicle.  Most mattress stores will take/recycle your mattress when they deliver you a new mattress.  However, to simply get rid of your mattress you can a) take a chainsaw to it and toss it away in garbage bags in chunks, b) schedule a pick up from Ghostruck (get $50 off your next pick up with the code CF5ZCS) or c) schedule a pick up from 1-800-Got-Junk (this is more expensive). 

7. Call local churches, homeless shelters, and theatre groups to see if they have a use for the furniture.  They'll usually pick it up and take it away at no cost.

8. Use FreeCycle.com.  I think this site could get sketchy with scams since it's flooded with free offers.  However, I think it's worth a shot if you're discerning.

9. Have a yard sale, or for the more "urban" equivalent, post a sign on your door that says "Moving Sale" and wait for people to come-a-knocking.  

10. Advertise on Facebook with a personal album of things you're selling with the descriptions and prices as the captions.  It's a great way to get connected with friends of friends who may be interested.

11. If you're in a pinch and moving SOON, offer to give it to your neighbor for free so they can sell it in their own time and keep the profits. 

Happy Moving!


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