REVIEW: The *New* CoverGirl LashBlast Plumpify blastPRO Mascara

10:18:00 AM

I am a mascara girl.  I love it.  I have long lashes already (thanks, mama), but they're not very dark, so mascara helps highlight what's already there.  

I've tried so many mascaras and CoverGirl LashBlast Volume works the best for me. (it comes in an orange tube). CoverGirl recently sent me their new LashBlast Plumpify blastPRO to try so I gave it a test.  See the before and after picture below.  

Overall, LashBlast Plumpify blastPRO wasn't as good as LashBlast Volume.  The LashBlast Plumpify blastPRO "double action brush" is spiraled, and it's not tapered at each end like LastBlast Volume.  The diameter of the brush is also quite large. As a result it's really easy to poke yourself in the eye.  And it makes it near impossible to coat your tiny inner and outer lashes.   

While the results look okay (see below), it wasn't a great experience.  I give the results a 4/5 star rating and the application experience a 1/5 star rating.   Also, I give the name a 0/5 stars.  "LashBlast Plumpify blastPRO".... it's quite a mouthful. 


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