10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Guy Feel Special

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I'm always trying to find new and creative ways to make my fiancé feel special. Sometimes it's hard to come up with unique ideas and we feel stuck in a rut.  If you're short on ideas I'd recommend a brain storming session that starts with their primary love languages (words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, or gifts).  Focusing on what love language they respond to best provides good direction.  Here are 10 ideas to get you started. 

1. Make them breakfast while they're getting ready....whether that be a sit-down pancake breakfast (my go-to) or an easy to-go breakfast that they can eat on their commute to work. PS. Why isn't "food" listed as a possible love language?  It's so often the way to a guy's heart. 

2.  Give them a head/scalp massage.  I think we as ladies forget that a head massage would feel good for them because we would rarely consider creating a rats' nest of our hair with scalp massage for ourselves.  Guys love these though, and it's an area often neglected. 

3.  Send them a picture of you wearing their clothes.  I don't know what it is, but guys love it when you wear their clothes (shirts, hoodies, hats, etc).  It means that you like their things, you feel comfortable with them, and almost in a way they're taking care of you.  It's so simple, yet special to them.

4. Indulge with him, even when you'd rather eat celery.  I'm all for eating healthy, and I try to stick to a gluten-free, clean diet.  Hence, my fiancé and I tend to both eat pretty healthy most of the time.  So it's been so funny to hear that some of his favorite memories were when we indulged in Top Pot donuts up in Seattle (~500+ calories per donut, yikes!) or stopped for gas station ice cream sandwiches after a long day. Those moments of breaking the "rules" and indulging together create strong memories.  The key is no-complaining or voicing regrets.  That puts a wet blanket on the fun. 

5.  Let them drive your car.  My dad drilled this one into me.  Even if you love driving, it means a lot to a guy when you give him the keys.  You're showing that you trust him with your belongings and your safety.  You're giving him the opportunity to be chivalrous by opening your door, maintaining a comfortable temperature, etc.  It's a way to subconsciously build them up. 

6. Grab his hand and say a prayer for him.  So often when we pray it's during very routine times like meals or bedtime, and we pray together, for each other, for our relationship, for our families, for work, etc. But devoting time to pray with him for him at a separate time or even in a particular moment when he is struggling is a great way to demonstrate selfless love. 

7.  Iron everything that is wrinkled in his closet.  How often do you see a guy rifling through his closet looking for a shirt that isn't wrinkled?  He takes out one shirt at a time, holds it up, and puts it back if it's wrinkled.  Pretty soon it's been a month and the shirt hasn't been worn because it's wrinkled.  Do him a favor and iron everything that's wrinkled in his closet.  "Its so easy, why can't he do it?" you might ask.  That is not the point.  The point is that you have the opportunity to do something simple to make him feel loved.  So worth it. 

8.  Jump on his back, playfully of course.  He'll feel like you trust him, like you think he's strong, and it will remind him of how much fun you two have together.  Being light-hearted and playful creates some of the strongest, most distinct memories that help us get through the more trying times.

9. Bake treats for him to bring to work.  One component to relationships or partnerships is making each other look good.  Shallow?  No.  It's about supporting each other and valuing the other person's objectives as if they're your own. It's the same in business relationships, family relationships, and romantic relationships.  When he brings these treats to work from you it shows he is loved, he is cared for, and he is supported. What guy doesn't want that?  

10.  Plan an activity to DO together.  Women often connect through conversation. Guys often connect by doing things together.   Think about how many guys meet up to chit-chat over coffee versus meeting at the golf course or gym.  Cater to his connection style, and plan a movie night, go on a walk, work out together, go listen to live music, go for a bike ride, or work on the backyard together.  He'll love it. 


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