The Last 20 Things I've Googled

4:12:00 PM

Google is an amazing resource that I've used to navigate almost every area of life from relationships to the workplace to travel to simply figuring out how to do things I haven't done before.  I love advice forums and hearing about what has/has not worked for people before-- Google provides information, and information aids in wisdom.  I am always curious what people are searching for on Google, so I thought I'd look back at the last 20 things I "googled."  Here we go!

1. Maui beaches
2. Lifeguard stand engagement picture san diego
3. Why do dogs like EOS lip balm
4. Table numbers wedding
5. Personalized wire hanger
6. Hilary Duff teeth
7. Amgen stock
8. Thumbs up emoticon
9. What do people search about rompers
10. Help dog barking all night
11. Wedding updo accessories
12. Kellogg company
13. Kashi
14. Franco Sarto jeweled sandals
15. Time in Japan
16. J.Crew kitten heel
17. Miles from here to Tokyo
18. Yakosuka naval base
19. Career and marriage
20. Equally yoked

Try looking back at your history.  It's pretty interesting!


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