Rodan+Fields Mini Facial Review

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Rodan+Fields.  Have you heard of them?  Maybe you've seen a bunch of Rodan+Fields before and after pictures on your Facebook feed or maybe you know someone who is a consultant for them. Rodan+Fields was started in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. These were also the  creators of Proactiv, the acne treatment product line that is infamous for its commercials. Rodan+Fields is their line of anti-aging skincare.

My friend from college and dance team, Emily Frey, is a Rodan+Fields consultant and sent me some products to try.  She sent the mini facial which had between 1-3 uses to it.  It consisted of a 1-3 time use packet of the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, 1 Night Renewing Serum Capsule, and 1 Lip Renewing Serum Capsule.  Below are my first impressions of each product.

1. The Mirco-Dermabrasion Paste
This was an AWESOME exfoliant.  I've always been one to experiment with exfoliants.  I've tried salt-based exfoliants, sugar-based exfoliants, and apricot-based exfoliants.  Heck, when I'm in a hotel room and need an exfoliate I'll even pour a sugar packet into my hand and rub it all over my face.  #Resourceful.  While the Rodan+Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste tastes pretty bad (I don't recommend tasting it unless you want a mouth full of the ocean), it works THE BEST out of any exfoliant I've tried before.  This was my favorite part of the mini facial set.   You only need a teeny tiny bit so this product will last you a long time.  I got 3 uses out of one sample alone, and they recommend using it 2-3 times per week.

2. Night Renewing Serum
This little capsule was uber cute.  It was definitely a 1 use packet, but I feel like my head is kind of large so maybe some folks with smaller faces would get 2 uses out of it.  The great part about it coming in a capsule is that you'll never use too much.  It's a great way to ration your product. And how perfect for when you travel!  No need to cram all your bottles into ziplock bags anymore.  The product is retinol-based which is a huge buzzword in the anti-aging skincare community.  Basically, retinol is magic.  The texture was very silky smooth, almost like a silicon-based primer.  It leaves your skin very smooth and not greasy.

3. Lip Renewing Serum
Let me just say that I am a lip balm/chapstick addict.  I literally will turn the car around if I forget my lip balm at home.  So I was very excited to try the Rodan+Fields Lip Renewing Serum! First, I would recommend only using half of the serum capsule at a time.  I took the "go big or go home" approach and definitely had some extra serum running down my chin afterwards.  It's not thick or heavy like cupcake frosting, but more like a the glaze on a glazed donut.  The best part?  It keeps your lips moisturized for hours!  I only wish it came in a more user-friendly packaging that I could take with me everywhere. :)

Where would I start if I wanted to try R+F?
Emily recommends the Redefine line as it's the #1 anti-aging premium skincare treatment in the country (she uses it herself daily, too!). Check out Redefine HERE. But if you're looking to start with just one product she recommends the eye cream.  It helps reduce lines and puffiness.  Take a look at the all products on Emily's site HERE.  You can take a quiz on Emily's site to determine which customized plan is right for you.  Check out the solutions tool HERE.

What will it cost?
All of the regimes range between about $160-$175, but keep in mind that these will last you a long, long time. You can also save 10% and get free shipping if you sign up as a preferred customer.  Also, consider it an investment.  The great part is that it seems like people see results pretty quickly.  Check out the before/after photo where this customer used R+F for just 4 weeks.  So if you aren't happy with the initial set of products there's no pressure to purchase another set. But from what I've heard, people tend to continue with extreme satisfaction.

Check out this Rodan+Fields video if you want to know more! 


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