My Husband's Birthday

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Today marks my husband's 28th birthday!  YAY!  I LOVE finding creative ways to make birthdays extra special.  This morning I surprised him at work with donuts to share with his coworkers and a Chipotle lunch.  I was about 5 seconds from bringing a piñata, too, but something tells me it wouldn't have gone over well on the naval base. 

Calories don't count on your birthday. 
When I got home a started on "the big birthday project," a 100% from scratch German Chocolate triple layer birthday cake.  I've never made a German Chocolate cake before, but I got all my ingredients yesterday and I was ready to conquer this.  I used this recipe that had 4.5 stars and 600+ reviews, so I figured it had a high success rate.  The cake turned out AMAZING.  Well we haven't tried it yet, but it looks amazing.  And other than the fact that I dropped one of the three layers and it had to turn it into a two layer cake, everything is going beautifully.  Hey, it will be be a better icing to cake ratio, right!?

Tonight I'm excited to take him to a nice steak and seafood restaurant on the San Diego waterfront called Island Prime. It had 4.5 stars and 1300+ Yelp reviews, so hopefully it will be another winner. 

I am so happy to be celebrating Wesley's birthday with him 1) here in San Diego and 2) as his wife. When I think back to last year he was underway on the submarine on his birthday. I did my best to pack an itty bitty birthday box for him to open out at sea, but it wasn't the same. This is 1000000x better, and I hope he feels nothing but love, support, encouragement, and happiness.   I can't wait to see what God has in store for Wesley's life and our marriage in this coming year.
One of my favorite photos of Wesley.  I love his expressive joy.

Maybe I'll do a post on creative birthday ideas for your husbands next week! 

Mrs. Dylan Jahraus
(Eeeee!! I love writing that.)

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