Our Wedding Video // Wesley & Dylan

10:49:00 PM

Our long time family friend, Lisa Johnson aka Auntie Lisa, gave us the amazing gift of videography for our wedding.  Lisa filmed everything from the rehearsal dinner to the first dance and everything in between.  Literally, everything!  It was such a gift to have Lisa with us for all of the special moments, and we feel so blessed to have this footage to watch for years and years to come.  I can't wait to show our kids someday.  Before we left for San Diego she gave me all of the raw footage to play around with and I put together the video below with iMovie.  And let's just say I have a whole new appreciation for the art of videography.  Who knew you could spend an hour editing a 30 second clip!?

Getting Ready: 0:00 - 4:20
First Look: 4:20 - 7:30
Ceremony: 7:58 - 13:40
Cocktail Hour: 13:40 - 14:21
Bridal Party Introduction: 15:18 - 16:14
Dinner: 16:14 - 18:41
Speeches: 18:42 - 30:35
(Doug McCann, Father of the Bride: Starts 18:42 )
(Pat McMann, Best Man: Starts 19:51)
(Britnie Krueger, Matron of Honor: Starts 21:10 )
(Colleen McCann, Maid of Honor: Starts 22:22)
(Kathy McCann, Mother of the Bride: Starts 23:40)
(Wesley Jahraus, Groom: Starts 25:13)
(Jahraus Family: Starts 28:00)
First Dance & Dancing: 30:35 - 37:08

I hope you enjoy!!

Mrs. Dylan Jahraus

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