Pregnancy Update Week 35 and Week 36

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It's month 9 and we are still pregnant!  Things seem to be changing quickly though, and I can definitely tell that baby boy getting ready to join this world.  Maybe only 1 more blog update until he is here!

What's new with baby?
Baby boy is head down and our Dr. said he has dropped and "engaged"!  At the end of this week if he is born he is considered early-term (no longer pre-term).  He is supposedly measuring about 6.5 lbs and is the size of a cabbage patch doll.   His kicking and punching has turned into flexing and pressing himself against my abdomen.  You can even see his feet protrude from my stomach.

What's new with mom?
1. Extreme thirst... I drink 200+ oz of water each day.
2. Exhaustion... I can't work on my feet for longer than 30 minutes without a 5 minute sit down break, and a mid-day nap is non-negotiable. Oh, and I've gone full days without any makeup, even mascara-- that's a whole new level of exhaustion for this girl.
3. Difficulty sleeping... baby is SO heavy on my stomach that it takes a toll on my breathing. I feel like I'm gasping for air even at a 45 degree angle.  I am up about 5-6 times each night to use the bathroom and feel very alert around 2-3 am like I could start my day.
4. Weight gain... we're now 149 lbs (19 lbs gained).
5.  "Lightening"... yes it's real.  Just imagine lightening-like/shooting pains in bad places.
6. Charlie horses in my groin. Real nice.
7. Braxton Hicks contractions are increasing... they're stronger and more frequent at night or if I'm outside a lot during the day.
8. Self-doubt.  Physically I don't feel like myself anymore and I'm starting to get nervous about how and when this baby boy will arrive.  Will it be tomorrow?  Will it be in 4 weeks? Will I be a good mom?  Have I done enough?
9. Baby Care Basics Class -- We completed this last weekend and let's just say it contributed to a lot of the self-doubt above.  It was an informative class, but it also made me wonder if I have done enough.

What's next?
**Our Bradley Method class ends next week-- I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested in a natural childbirth.
**Resting-- This is probably the first weekend in months where we don't have plans.  It will be nice to just enjoy each other and take it easy.
**We are still growing our diaper stockpile (now over 1000 diapers across multiple sizes).  It's like a game for us.  We find deals on diapers at 9-13 cents each on brands that are normally 17-25 cents each.  Here's a secret to getting the best baby deals-- The Krazy Coupon Lady! 
**I'm continuing to take red raspberry leaf tea capsules to "tone my muscles" and shorten labor as well as evening primrose oil capsules for more "ripening."  I'll let you know if it helps or if it's just a bunch of hoopla.

Mama Dylan 

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