Cameron's Two Month Update

9:17:00 PM

Cameron is already two months old!  I cannot believe it.  Lots of changes have happened in the past month and I don't want to forget any of them so I'll jump right into it!

Cameron LOVES....

Sitting up in his Boppy Lounger-- unless he is nursing he prefers to sit on his own in the Boppy Lounger.  We prop it up next to us so he is sitting more vertically.  He already likes being independent.

Bathtime-- We use the hospital swaddle and loosely wrap him in it for bathtime and then wash one part at a time before covering it with the swaddle again.  I saw an article about some nurses doing this so we wanted to try it.  He loves it.

Standing up-- YES, standing up on his own two feet!  He started doing this at 7 weeks when we were burping him (starting with him sitting on our lap).  He would push forward onto his feet and stand up vertically, fully supporting his own body weight.  We just have to give him support for balance.  He loves standing.  You can see in his eyes that he is proud of himself.

The Ergo Baby Carrier-- He much prefers the Ergo Baby Carrier to the stroller... maybe it has to do with him being upright.  We use the Ergo carrier while I work during the day, for our regular evening walks, and for getting Cameron to nap during the day (it's the only way for him to nap right now).  We also took Cameron on his first hike in the carrier with our friends and their baby, Henry!

Watching Youtube Dots-- We watch this video when he's on the brink of a meltdown and it really captivates him!

Conversation-- He loves talking to us and hearing us talk back to him.  I'm trying to make sure he feels listened to.  It's really cute.

Dancing-- Sometimes we waltz together around the house during the day.  He likes it especially when we dance past a mirror and he can see himself.

Smiling-- Cameron has found his smile!  He's already such a charming little boy and his smile is to die for.  Of course I'm a biased mama, but I think his face is so handsome.

Grandpa Doug-- Grandpa Doug came to visit when Cameron was about 6-7 weeks old and Cameron loved it! He thought Grandpa Doug was a lot of fun.  I know they're going to have a really special relationship.

Cameron DOESN'T LOVE (hate is too strong of a word for baby Cam)

Nap time-- Every day we spend a few hours trying to get him down for a nap and every day I end up wearing him in the Ergo to get him to sleep.   We're still working on it!

Being cradled on his back-- He would much rather be upright and on our level.

Stop lights-- Cameron keeps his cool in the car until we stop moving.  Stop lights are not our friend.

Afternoons-- Around 3pm Cameron gets a little overtired and isn't the happiest baby.  Once we improve our sleeping he might like afternoons better.

What is new?

Cameron's eyelashes are growing like crazy and this mama is loving it.  They're getting darker and longer every day.  It's adorable.

Cameron's eyelashes aren't the only thing that grew-- he is now 10 lbs 5 oz (up 2 lbs 5 oz in the past month)!   And he is also 22.5 inches (up 1/2 inch in the past month).

We tried a pediatric chiropractor to see if there's any adjustments to be made to help Cameron's sleeping. It was an interesting experience, but we walked away not feeling good about it so we won't be back.

More to come on Cameron's newborn must-haves and my 2 month postpartum update!

Love Love Love,

Mama Dylan

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