12 Things Guys Should Know about Girls' Hair

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Baby where'd you get yo curly hair from- I got it from my mama. Yea. My life story. But for some reason, on bad days, straightening my hair is always a quick fix.  It feels like suddenly my life is straightened out too.
The Curly-Hair Dylan: fuller, spontaneous, devious, risky, flirtatious, and a little bit wild
The Straight-Hair Dylan: fresh, simple, slimmer, sleek, sexy, in control

How can a hair texture totally change my mood?  Well, I've always associated sleek, straight hair with celebrities and other so-called "beautiful" people.  Around age 10 I finally embraced my curls.  I stopped trying to brush my hair out straight and my poof-ball became bouncy ringlets. People were like "You are so lucky!".  I learned that curly hair wasn't a bad thing, and that it made me unique, however, when I have bad days I still often resort to straightening my hair.

12 Things Guys Should Know about Girls' Hair:
1. Never EVER run your fingers through a girl's curls.  It will break them up and make her hair a poofy mess.
2. If a girl straightens her hair and leaves it for a few days, try not to touch it too much because the oils from your hands will get in her hair and make her hair oily.
3. If you don't like a girl's hair cut, don't tell her! She's probably already self-conscious about it.
4.  Don't tug on a girl's hair to see if it's a weave.
5.  Every girl has their own hair care routine. Don't look at her like she is weird.
6.  If a girl straightens her hair, know that she may have done it because she is having a bad day.
7.  Don't ever tell a girl her hair is "big".
8. If a girl doesn't want to get her hair wet at the beach, show some respect, and don't dunk her under water.
9. Curly girls do not wash their hair everyday, and maybe not even every week, but it doesn't mean that she is gross. Curly hair doesn't produce the same oils as straight hair.
10. If a girl does have a weave, don't make fun of it.
11. If you're going to smell her hair, do so discretely.  A girl will not like it if you explicitly sniff her.
12. If you're going to surprise a girl  who is naturally curly and take her to an amusement park, tell her to wear her hair straight (to prevent a frizzy fro). Trust me, she'll thank you later.
XOXO, Dylan

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