12 Reasons Why I Love Dresses

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Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!  This is my absolute favorite fashion staple.  When I decided to go to school in the "South" I thought that all the girls would wear dresses, so I spent the summer before freshman year developing a collection of dresses- sundresses, party dresses, strapless dresses, winter dresses, short dresses, church dresses, etc.  I ended up with about 30 dresses, some as low as $4, and from everywhere from Nordstrom to Target.  What began as a desire to fit into the "Southern girl" stereotype soon became a fashion obsession that myself, a small-town girl from Minnesota, fell in love with.
Why I LOVE dresses:
1. They are easy to pack- it's a whole outfit in 1 piece of clothing.
2. They can easily be dressed up or down by adding different shoes/accessories/a cardigan.
3. They fit even on "fat days".
4. Add a wide belt to change the silhouette.
5. The Comfort factor: No tight waistbands, no restricted movement, and bend over without worrying about showing off that lacy thong!
6. Transition easily from summer to winter with tights and boots.
7. Makes you feel instantly more feminine.
8. No one can see your food-baby, so go ahead and eat that cupcake!
9. A classic piece. Dresses will never go out of style.
10. No muffin top. Enough said.
11. Way more classy than Abercrombie jeans and a wife-beater. (Side note: What a trashy name for a shirt)
12. They look so cute all hung up in your closet. I use different shades of pink hangers and clear, plastic dress bags.  The combination of pink and shiny clear plastic makes me feel like Barbie.
XOXO, Dylan

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