16 Little Things Girls Love to Hear

2:02:00 AM

There are certain things that all girls love to hear from guys.  They might be little, but they mean so much.  My favorites are:

- "You are beautiful"
- "Hey babe"
- "I got you"
- "Don't worry about it"
- "I'll take care of it"
- "Oh yeah?" (only in a deep sexy voice)
- "Let's catch up"
- "You are hilarious"
- "Those jeans fit you so good"
- "Let's just be close"
- "You're a great dancer"
- "You're so light"
- "Can you pick out my outfit?"
- "Do you need anything?"
- "I'm here now"
- "You smell so good"
- "Want me to carry you?"
XOXO, Dylan

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