Post 30: I'm in Miami Trick.

10:15:00 PM

It's time for a Spring Break POA! - a Plan Of Action.. Everyday I make a POA to help me put life in perspective and accomplish things.  If it wasn't for a POA, I would probably lay around and watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians all day.
Anyways, BREAKING NEWS!  Today I just found out I'm goin to Flo'Rida fo spring break yo. Dat's right. Me n' my boo r gunna hit up dat south beach in our white jeep. Ohhhh. K, enough ebonics.  But seriously, only 4 weeks left. Let's start this POA!
1. Drink more water.  Better skin, better health, etc. No brainer.
2. Shave my legs again!  Give me a break, it's winter!  I'll just say it's been a while, and I might be a little out of practice.  And who likes the feeling of saltwater rushing into open cuts?
3. Buns-of-Steel.  Spring break is a great incentive to get that booty back on the elliptical machine.  Forget about worrying who is behind you while you're walking down the beach.  
4. Swimsuit shopping!  Not only is it a great way to procrastinate, but Victoria's Secret has a HUGE selection of swimwear online to browse through.  I'm looking for something hot pink!  And preferably one that gives a little, um, oomph?  Something like: Option A: Pink OR Option B: Multi-Color (ignore the disproportionately-shaped, airbrushed models)
5. Ace midterms.  It's so much easier to relax on spring break when you know you've done well on your midterms the week before.
6. Apply for SUMMER INTERNSHIPS! This should be closer to the top, definitely. I'm trying to get an internship at a magazine like Glamour/Marie Claire/CosmoGirl/etc.... or in business/retail like Juicy Couture/Ralph Lauren/Coach/etc.  It's a long shot, but why not shoot for the moon and maybe land among the stars.
7. Church. Gotta stay tight with J.C.
4 Weeks Till Spring Break. Hang in there!
XOXO, Dylan

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