5 Life Hacks: Deodorant marks, Tanning, and More!

3:36:00 PM

1. Deodorant on your shirt?  Save yourself the huge water spot.  Instead of scrubbing with soap and water and hoping that it's all gone when it dries, use a pair of tights or nylons, and just rub it (without water).  It will come off super fast.  Guys- a sponge with a rough side works just as well :)
2. Maximize your tan.  Postpone a shower until at least 6 hours after you've been in the sun to give your tan time to fully develop.  It makes a huge difference.
3. Powerade Zero... the zero calorie sports drink.  Carbonated drinks make you feel full and not exactly bikini-ready.  This drink is sooo good- try the blue and the pink ones.
4. SPF 30 on questionable moles or freckles.  This always alleviates my worries about getting skin cancer.  I just put a dot of spf-30 sunscreen on the freckles that freak me out.
5. Don't bring your laptop to the beach.  I was at Jamestown beach on friday afternoon and I saw a few students attempting to type papers on their laptops.  You're basically asking to ruin your computer.  Sand and computer keyboards don't mix.  Take a day off! Enjoy the beach! "Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka".

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