9 Trends at Forever21 this Spring

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Last night I went to a brand new Forever21 in Hampton, VA.  Inside a single store, it had all of the merchandise from Forever21, Heritage, Love21, Faith21, and Forever21 for men (who knew this even existed!?). This store was HUGE! From feminine florals to racy rompers, I definitely noticed a few themes going on this spring.

1. Feminine Florals.  Florals are everywhere.  These patterns scream, or should I say, politely announce, "I'm a girly girl!".
2. Sassy Sequins.  Avoid looking like a disco ball by keep them in moderation or wearing this look at night.  It's all about the shimmer and shine.
3. Rosy Rosettes.  This is one of my favorite trends.  It adds an extra dimension to your outfits.  Keep jewelry simple to avoid looking overdone.
4. Military-Inspired. Support our troops, and now, dress like our troops. This trend is great, especially if you like to have a hard-edge to your look.  It's a great alternative to leather in your quest to be a little bit badass.
5. Flirty Fringe.  Fringe makes me want to shimmy my shoulders and shake my booty...I'm not sure why.    I'd suggest using this trend in moderation.  You don't want to look like you walked straight out of the Great Gatsby.
6. Naughty Neon.  If you're one that likes to be noticed, this trend is for you.  Forever21 had an entire neon clothing section, as well as plenty of neon swimwear.
7. Cool Crochet.  Most of the shrugs, cardigans, and sweaters had a crotchet detail.  Super chic and allows a nice little breeze through on those hot and humid days.
8. Breezy Tops.  These are the tops that have basically no-shape. They hang off of your shoulders and hit your lower waist.  I'm somewhat perplexed because they are not especially flattering when worn alone... unless you are pregnant. If you decide to jump on this trend, try tucking it into a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts.
9. Racy Rompers.  Very Sexy.  If you have a small bladder, these are not for you (difficult to get on/off).   Also, the rompers at Forever21 are made for people with short torsos...aka if you are tall, they will give you a wedgie. Trust me.
XOXO Dylan

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