18 Things to Love About Guys

10:13:00 AM

There's an article by Marina Khidekel from CosmoGirl in Feburary of 2006 that I really liked.  The article was "30 Things to Love About Guys"... Here are my favorites.  
... "how they're like a personal garbage disposal.  Can't finish what's on your plate?  Give it to your guy friend." 
... "how they are so sweaty after playing really hard in a game."
... "how guys' skin smells."
... "when guys walk on the outside of the girl near traffic as a sign of respect."
... "how they act all tough around their friends but when you're alone with them they're all sensitive."
... "how they try to fix stuff when they have no idea what they're doing"
... "how guys lift up their shirt to scratch their stomach- to secretly show off their abs"
... "their shoulders and backs."
... "how they jokingly push you, just to touch you."
... "how they make an effort to look hot, but it's better when they don't."
... "how protective they are of their little sisters."
... "how they always kick pebbles when they walk."
... "when they're talking to their mom and you hear them say, 'I love you.'"
... "how they think of tomorrow, not yesterday."
... "how they wrap their arm around your waist, like they're saying, 'She's with me.'"
... "their quick, sharp humor."
... "how they look at you and smile when they don't know what to say."
... "how they say the right thing when you lease expect it but need it most."

I hope ya'll enjoy these as much as I did.
XOXO, Dylan

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