Unbalanced Biceps and a Cute Dress

11:49:00 AM

Ok, so I'm kind of worried because I've been taking my golden retriever, Ellie, on a 5 mile walk every day since summer started.  I always hold her leash in the same hand.  Something you should know: Ellie loves to chase chipmunks.  Every time something in the grass moves she nearly pulls my shoulder out of its socket.  And now my one bicep is legitimately bigger and stronger than the other one from pulling her back.   Oops.  Today I'm going to try to switch hands.  Wish me luck.... because I'm not really feeling this lopsided look.  
XOXO, Dylan
p.s. Isn't the back of this dress cute?  I like it.  I think I'm going to start looking for things with cool back details. 

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