26 Little Things I Love

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1. I love it when you walk by a lilac bush and catch a drift of its sweet fragrance.  It's like it's saying, "Welcome to summer".

2. I love it when you are walking your dog past a house with loose dogs outside.  You think, "Shoot, I hope that dog doesn't see us, or else I know it will come harass me and my lil pup".  You see the dog ready to come over, but luckily, the dog stares and you pass by it safely.

3. I love when its about 10 a.m. and you go outside to lay in the sun.  The air is cool, but it's okay.  In fact, it's heavenly, as the intense rays of the sun warm your body up. 

4. I love it when you walk outside and the air temperature doesn't feel any different than the temperature inside.  I call this the perfect day.

5. I love hugs from behind.

6. I love long hugs that you both know mean something more. 

7. I love the lines in the grass when its been freshly mowed.  

8. I love having a daily ritual of some sort. For me, it's my 5 mile walk with Ellie.

9. I love that moment where you are walking with someone and you both want to hold hands but are too chicken.  You tell yourself that you will next time.  Suddenly one of you gives in, and you both kind of smile.  

10.  I love new athletic socks.  The first time you wear them it feels like you are running on a pillow.

11. I love the sound that rocks make when you throw them into the lake.  Each rock makes a different "plunk".  I could do this for hours.

12.  I love it when you are sitting in the hot tub with a group of friends and you and the cutie next to you are holding hands under the water.  No one even knows. 

13. I love feeling like I know about country music because I listen to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

14. I love when the music in church is loud enough so you don't have to worry about whether or not you are on key. 

15. I love when you pull up next to a stop and a bunch of cuties in the car next to you are smiling at you.  It's even better when you're with all of your girls.  

16. I love those friends that you have that whenever you are together you both end up laughing uncontrollably. 

17. I love looking at people's engagement photos (Congatulations Ashley and Joshua!!!).

18. I love it when after a movie, everyone in the theater looks at the people they came with before standing up at the same time and shuffling out of the theater in silence.  There will always be the occasional extrovert murmuring "Wow"or "So whatcha think?"  Everytime, I swear.

19. I love trash TV.  Sure, as a William and Mary student I'd like to pretend that all I watch is CNN and CSPAN, but let's be real.  I'm really not a politics girl. 

20.  I love looking at old pictures and reliving the glory days of high school sports.... back when you were the fastest girl on the team... that is, until you got hips and boobs.  

21.  I love trying different seasonings on my grilled chicken.  I'll try anything.

22. I love it when you meet someone who is just plain nice.  You know that their kindness is not self-serving.  It's from the heart.  It's God's love. 

23.  I love it when you have lyrics stuck in your head all day long, and then you turn on the radio and that song is on.  It's like hell yea, that's right!

24.  I love texting things into my phone throughout the day and saving them as drafts.  In fact, that is how I come up with lists like this.  You can actually learn a lot about yourself that way.

25. I love singing "I'm in Love with a Stripper" by T-Pain.  

26.  I love being able to trust that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for you.  At first when I didn't get a job in Virginia for the summer I was upset.  But, as different things happened at the end of the semester I realized that I was supposed to be in Minnesota this summer.  I believe that things fall into place for a reason... a reason bigger than that which we can understand.  It gives me a peace about life.  I love having a peace about life.  
 XOXO, Dylan

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