5 Tips on How to Wear a Romper

12:28:00 PM

Don't miss out on this summer fashion trend!  Rompers are the hottest thing right now... they're sexy without being overstated.  You don't have to weigh less than 90 pounds to pull this look off, and no, you're not going to look like a 2 year old with a diaper-butt; I promise.  Please don't be intimidated.  Here's the right way to pull this look off :)

1. Choose a fabric that has some structure.  If the fabric is a loose, stretch knit, and the leg openings are wide, it will look like you are wearing a slutty, too-short dress.  Or, even worse, the romper will hang straight off your booty and your undies will be visible.  Especially if the shorts of the romper are pretty short in length, you need to have a fabric with definition and structure.  Think tailored.

2. Hell NO, camel toe.  You NEED to make sure that the torso of the romper is long enough for your body. Enough said.  Personally, I have found Forever21 to make rompers more suitable for shorter torsos, and Express to make rompers more suitable for longer torsos.

3. Tight is NOT Right.  Skin tight is a no-no.  Unless you're trying to look like an "adult" entertainer or a circus acrobat, then please, give your body some breathing room.  Instead, choose a billowy silhouette and define your waist with a belt or thick ribbon tied in a bow.  

4. Step up your game, and step into some heels.  They will create a long-legged and slimmer silhouette.  Not a fan of heels?  Think you're too tall?  I'd suggest wedges if you're nervous about the idea of a heel.  And if you think you're too tall I have two words for you: confidence baby.

7. A Black Romper = Bom Chicka Wah Wah.  There's just something about it. Especially if you have a good tan.  Pair it with a smoky eye and some summery wedges for a sexy night out.  WARNING: People may ask for your number.

P.S. This is my next purchase. It's currently on sale at Express for only $34! Love it :)
Happy Sunday!!! God Bless :]

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