4 Reasons We Should Outlaw Fuzzy Flip Flops

2:59:00 PM

We've all seen these DIY flip flops before. Cute, right?  Maybe you yourself even own a pair in your school colors.  These kitschy flip flops are made by taking strips of fleece/fabric/ribbon and tying them around the straps of foam flip flops.  Quite frankly, I'd consider these more of a fashion "disaster", and they need to be outlawed.  I don't care how comfortable, individualistic, or "cute" they are... these flip flops are inexcusable... here's why:
1. First of all, can you imagine how many germs these shoes track around?  The fabric quickly becomes dirty, dingy, smelly, and matted down.  Hello, it's like having mop-heads on your feet.
2. Then there's the fact that these shoes simple look clownish- since when was having large stringy balls of colorful fleece on your feet fashionable?  Um, never?
3.  Wearing them just screams, "I'm 9 years old, and I'm on my way to a slumber party! Oh-em-gee, let's have a pillow fight!"  Unless you're a small child these have no place on your feet, especially not in the workplace.
4. If you're resorting to these DIY flip flops as a fun craft project, then please, just stick to the beaded lizard keychains.  They're cuter.

So, if you happen to own a pair of these flip flops, I'd suggest untying the fleece before wearing them out.  Or at least just save them for slumber parties. 
XOXO, Dylan

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