Top 7 Summer Beauty Looks for Summer 2010

11:22:00 AM

1. The Fuschia Lip.
This is totally "babydoll in Miami".  I love it.  It's great for any skin tone; try a more coral-tint if you have fair skin and a more fuschia-tint if you have a darker complexion.  To get this look it takes 3 steps: moisturize with chapstick, then use a pigmented lipstick, and finally finish with a dot of gloss in the center of your lips (makes them look fuller).  Keep the rest of your look neutral. It's summer... we don't want caked-on Barbie faces.
2. Eye-liner Only on the Water-line. 
Just because it's summer doesn't mean that we must forgo all make-up.  But remember, eye-liner running down your sweaty face says, "I'm a hot mess". To still get that intense look of eyeliner, use it only on your water line (the underside of your lashes).  It will make your eye color really pop, and it's more natural than lining your eyes like normal because you can't see any of the product.  Talk about sultry.
3. Put DOWN the Hot Tools.
Forget pin-straight, flat hair.  Forget spending an hour curling your hair.  Embrace what you've got.  It's summertime...  it's pretty likely that you'll get thrown into a pool or a lake at some point anyways.  Wasting time and damaging your hair is not worth it.
4. Back off your Brows.
That's right, stop plucking off all of your eyebrows.  Drawing on eyebrows with a pencil is not a very beach-y or summer-y look.  If you must fill them in, stick with a soft powder and an angle brush.
5. Strategic SPF Spots
If you aren't going to lather your whole face with SPF, at least put it on the spots most prone to pre-mature wrinkles.... that means: around your eyes, around your lips, and your forehead.
6. Keeping Your Face Non-Reflective.
Sun + Humidity = Shiny Face.  I've tried many different products and my favorite is Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder in Light/Medium.  This product works and lasts all day.  You still want that shimmer and radiance, so only hit up your t-zone with this powder.  You still want your face to look like it is 2 dimensional, not a matte "pancake face", as my father puts it.
7. Bright Eyes. 
That means, no smoky-eyes for the daytime.  It's just too much.  Plus, it's going to smear. Keep the eyes light and bright.  It's highly likely that the stress of finals left you with dark circles and blood-shot eyes.  That means we need concealer underneath the eye and across the lid.  You want the skin to be smooth and even.  This will instantly breath some life into you.
XOXO, Dylan

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