Be a Part of the "Summer of Dresses"

11:50:00 PM

Has anyone heard about the Summer of Dresses phenomenon?  The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article titled, "A Change of Clothes Sparks a Movement".  I even submitted something and it's now on the site!!!!!  
Click here for my submission: Dylan, Dressed Up for Joe Mauer.  
I adore dresses, and I live in them year-round.  They're just so feminine and sexy yet sophisticated.  I was really excited to be on this. 
The site, is about "real women -- not models -- posting photos of themselves wearing stuff that makes them feel good," said Wilker.
With more than 365 posts and 17,000 hits, the website has reached beyond its local roots to include posts from Missouri and Florida.  Then, a group of local MEN, created a site,  I'm not sure how I feel about "dapper" men (that word reminds me of old grandpas and Mr. Rogers), but I have to at least check the site out.  
If anyone has a favorite store to buy dresses or any tips on wearing dresses etc... I would love to know!  
XOXO, Dylan 

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