24 Simple, Sweet, Helpful Tips for Guys

1:23:00 AM

So often guys keep making the same mistakes.  HOWEVER, so often they do the sweetest little things and don't get enough credit for them.  Here are a few, sweet and simple, things that guys should always do and things guys should never do... ever.  Anyone agree with these?

Always ask a girl, "How are you feeling?" Even if you are afraid of her answer.
Never tell a girl she is heavy.. unless you want to deal with some self-image issues later on.  
Always give a girl the benefit of the doubt.  No one wants be falsely accused of something.
Never curse at a girl, especially if you want a chance with her.
Always acknowledge if you drunk text/dial a girl that you are into.  If you pretend it didn't happen she will pretend you don't exist.
Never avoid a girl just because she is PSMing.  Show some support.
Always give cozy hugs... she will remember them. 
Never insult her parents. 
Always let a girl try on your baseball cap or wear your sweatshirt.  Bonus for you: it will smell pretty, like her, when you get it back :)
Never give advice if it is not warranted... usually she just wants someone to listen.
Always ask her, "Do you need anything?"  Even though 95% of the time she will say no, it shows her that you want to take care of her. 
Never give a girl your number and tell her she should text you.  Be confident, and ask for her number. 
Always tickle a girl when she says not to.  This is one case where no means yes ;)
Never overload a girl with sweet talk or lines... It will seem as fake as Heidi Montag's face. 
Always be understanding of cramps.  Imagine how you would feel if you got kicked in the balls for 5 days straight.
Never ask a girl, "Where do you want to go?".  Giving her 2-3 options shows you are assertive, yet accommodating. 
Always walk a girl to her door. 
Never ask a girl if she is a virgin via text message. Show some manners... and social skills, for that matter. 
Always stay on her parent's good side.  If you mess up then apologize rather than avoiding them.  
Never go behind her back and tell her friends stuff that you two are dealing with. 
Always offer to pray a blessing before you eat.  It speaks really well of your character. 
Never give up your friends for a girl.  You need to keep your separate lives too. 
Always put the toilet seat down.  
Never do a triple-take.  A double-take is fine, but anything more puts you in the creeper category. 

XOXO, Dylan

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