Is it just me, or does anyone else....

1:28:00 AM

  • Hate when you're talking to someone and they don't blink enough, or at all.... it's like um who forgot to teach you communication skills??!?
  • Love the look of pretty water and sunsets, but get frustrated when your pictures don't do them justice.... and instead they seem overly cliche and perhaps from an amateur photographer lacking any natural talent. 
  • Change the radio station when "California Girls" comes on... Enough said.
  • Feel guilty when someone is giving you a back massage.... like constantly wonder when they want to stop, and you end up saying something like, "Ah, thanks so much for that", to give them an easy out.
  • Find yourself wearing your 4 favorite shirts a LOT and neglecting the other 20 shirts in your closet... When you do wear one of those other shirts, people usually say something. Then you feel like crap because you realize that you're not making use of all of the clothes that you have, and instead, wearing the same old boring "uniform" every day... which probably doesn't look as good on you as you think it does.
Anyone agree?  I'd love to hear any comments or general feedback!
XOXO, Dylan

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