4 Secrets to Getting Your Hair to Grow Long Faster

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I've been trying to grow my hair out for years, and I'm finally getting there.  My goal is to have my hair past my boobs, so theoretically, I could be at a topless beach, yet still totally covered.  Not that I'm planning on going to one.  These tips have helped my hair grow 3" in the past 3 months... (almost double the average rate of growth!)
1. I take Steroids.  Two words: Biotin Baby.  This stuff is like protein powder for guys who want to build muscle mass.   It says you can take between 1 to 5 tablets daily!  Be careful because it can be harmful to your kidneys if you take too much.  But hey, I like to live on the edge.  It's only $1.75 per bottle at Target.
2.  I stay away from trims.  Even though people claim that regular trims increase hair growth, it actually just prevents further breakage at your ends.  If you are taking steps to prevent breakage, then you will notice fewer split ends, and you can go longer before you need a trim.
3. I only shampoo 1x a month.  I can sense your judgments from here.  Honestly, shampoo is TERRIBLE for curly hair, stripping the strands of any natural oils, leaving them dry and brittle like raw, uncooked spaghetti noodles.  Instead I use conditioner to wash my hair, except for 1x month when I use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate product build-up.
4. I use ethnic hair products.  Yes, that's right, I buy a lot of products in the natural/relaxed hair section, right next to the weave-caps.  From Jojoba hot oil treatments to hair "lotions," I find a lot of products here that help my hair from drying out.

XOXO, Dylan

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