4 Takeaways from COSMO: Sweaty Shoes, Daisy Dukes, and Man Code!!!

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1. Sweaty Shoes
It takes 24 hours for sweat to evaporate, so if you want your cute sandals to last this summer, don't wear them 2 days in a row (p. 178).
2. Rules for Wearing Daisy Dukes
Dainty extras compliment their summery feel; heavy accessories contradict (p. 95). 
3.  Blondes and Greasy Hair
People with naturally blonde hair have greasier hair than brunettes or red-heads.  
This is because they are the most hairs- about 120,000, compared to 110,000 for brunettes and 90,000 for redheads (p. 112).
4. Man Code (So fascinating to me)
  • You must be within 50 feet of a swimming pool in order to drink a frozen cocktail.
  • If your man bag is too small to hold cleats and a baseball glove, it is a purse, and you may not carry it
  • You can ask a friend if his meal or drink is good, but you cannot ask for a bite or a sip.
  • You must carry cash at all times, but you may never pay with loose change.
  • You may never ask a buddy, "What are you thinking", unless you're referring to the fast-food menu at which you are both gazing.
  • The only three things it's okay to ask another man to hold for you: the other end of a sheet of drywall, your keys if he's your designated driver, and your jacket if you are about to get into a fistfight
  • when riding in a backseat with two other people, you may sit on either side but never on the "hump" (p. 80).  

XOXO, Dylan

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