McCann Family 4th of July Fashions

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Aunt Cathy.. timeless beauty.  My Aunt Cathy is most distinguished by her fashionable eyewear.  THe bigger, the better.  Her trademark look is a pair on her head, a pair on her eyes, and a pair around her neck.  The oldest of 7 siblings, my Aunt Cathy is a classic beauty, and like a good wine, she gets more and more sensual with age.  Here she is pictured with her lovely, future daughter-in-law, Erin.  Like mother like daughter, right?
My future cousin, Miss Erin.  Erin Watkins, recent graduate from Notre Dame's Law School, is my soon-to-be cousin.  She's marrying William and Mary alum, and Notre Dame Law School graduate, Jacob Lawler.  This couple is totally "J.Crew material"... very sophisticated.  Here, Erin is such a good sport her red lip, Burberry sun hat, and of course, the Twilight-inspired "I <3 Jacob..." shirt.  That is what I call love.
Daniel Novick-  actor... and model.  This is my cousin, Daniel Novick... a.k.a. "Danny", a.k.a.  "Cuzzzz", a.k.a. "Red Spike", a.k.a. "Gangsta".  An aspiring actor, Danny knows how to work the camera.  He always demonstrates his style-versatility on the 4th of July... wearing a badass, graphic T one year and a preppy, Lacoste polo the next year.  Whatever the style, one thing about this versatile actor remains consistent- his swimsuit.  Danny shows us that paying more $$$ in return for better quality is worth it.  Check out a film he starred in:


What I Wore... A red, white, and blue monokini!  I used to think that these swimsuits were seriously bizarre.... I mean, why were there huge chunks of the one-piece swimsuit entirely missing!?  I also thought that these were only for people who felt self-conscious.  However, when I saw this swimsuit for only $7 at T.J. Max I figured, what the heck, I might as well. I couldn't pass up this good deal.
Aunt Mary and Aunt Therese.  These ladies are FIRECRACKERS.  My Aunt Therese (left), this year referred to as "Pocahontas", exemplifies the best of our Navajo genes with her ageless appearance.  I swear she gets younger each year.  This year I especially love her red lip... and this summer, brighter lips = youthful.  Aunt Mary (right), my Godmother, also got blessed with the "ageless" genes.  Aunt Mary knows how to add just the right amount of sparkle and crisp vibrancy to each outfit.  We also learn from Aunt Mary that we don't need to reinvent the wheel.  She found a hair stylist named Roberto in St. Paul, MN and for years she has been driving up from her home in Iowa every 3 months for her signature hair-cut.  Love it. 
Michael Bauer... aka Michael Bauer.  Michael is the BFF of my cousin Danny.  He's also the best wakeboarding coach in the Twin Cities.  Lovin' his style too. North Carolinaaaaaa, C'mon and raise up.  Take your shirt off, twist it 'round your head, spin it like a helicopter.  Enough said.
That Guy... This McCann fella asked to remain anonymous when I told him that I was snapping pictures of him for my blog.  I will, however, disclose that he is hilarious and always the "fun" uncle.  For this McCann man, style may be a questionable priority, however, family is and always has been #1.  Luckily, he is always up for some fashion advice from his sisters and nieces. Haha, any guesses?
G-Money... aka Uncle George.  Unfortunately he could not make it to the Fourth, however, he made some valuable face-time on July 3rd!  Rockin the baby-blue, I think G-Money still showed off a patriotic spirit!  
Jenny from the Block.  I'm loving my cousin, Jenny's, little side twist into her pigtail buns.  Jenny is never afraid to try new things with her hair styles.  I love how this accentuates her natural highlights.  This lady knows how to work with shorter hair in so many different ways. Caaaaute!
Michael, a.k.a. "Mike", a.k.a. "Bulldog", a.k.a. "Bluuuuueberry".  Seriously, I love this guy!  He's never afraid to march to his own drum and do what he wants to do.   And seriously, what guy wouldn't be impressed by this beard!?!!! 
Knarly Uncle Charlie.  The youngest of the 7 siblings, my Uncle Charlie is the "hip", young Uncle.  Always playing the role of bartender, cracking jokes, and being a fabulous host to his family, Uncle Charlie is someone you can count on.  I am continuously impressed by the presence of lush hair follicles, the absence of gray hairs, and his incredible, GQ-esque style.  He knows the right way to exude style.

XOXO, Dylan

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