PLATO'S CLOSET: Rude, Tact-less, and Smelly.

3:50:00 AM

For those of you not familiar with Plato's Closet, it's a store that buys and sells gently used, brand name, clothing and accessories.  Basically... you can clean out your closet and make some $$$.  Cool, right?  Hell-to-the-NO!
     Yesterday, when I walked into their Minnetonka store, I never imagined that I would leave feeling hurt and offended.  Out of everything that I handed them, they offered me a mere $12.11 for about 7 different items that initially cost me a total of more than $100.  They "rejected" everything else, much of which had tags still on it.  Not to mention- the lady at the counter (whom, BTW, was in her mid-40s, had a bad dye-job, and was not wearing a bra) handed the rest of the clothing back to me saying that they didn't "want" it in their store.
I am NEVER doing this again.  Style is very personal to a woman.  It seriously felt like a direct criticism.. as if they were saying, "We don't need you, or your clothes"... "You are not good enough for us".... "Your style sucks"..... "You and your things are worthless".  Maybe I'm being a bit too sensitive, however, a business such as Plato's Closet would really benefit from a little more tact.... and AIR FRESHENER!  I'm serious.  I applied hand sanitizer 3x after I walked out of the store.   It smelled like a wet dog in there... or a grimy, old penny covered in dog poo.  Does anyone else notice the STINK in second-hand clothing stores???? 

Be right back while I go take another shower. 
XOXO, Dylan

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