Armor of Deceit: Spanx and Shapewear

8:36:00 PM

Today I walked into the Dillards in Newport News, VA and saw a mannequin in the lingerie department wearing what appeared to be a nude-colored, bike leotard.  Sexy, right? 
Then I noticed the sea of racks showcasing these ugly shape-wear body suits.  It made me think... What do men say when they find out that their girlfriend has actually been wearing sausage casing for the past two months, and that her stomach isn't actually as hard as the ivory boning in her shape-wear?  
Then I wondered how a guy would react in the very moment that her "armor of deceit" was revealed .  
Picture this: You and your boyfriend are having a nice evening out at the movies.  Afterwords, you go out for ice cream at the local Baskin Robbins.  You finish your entire bowl of Cookies N' Cream (because you have your shape-wear on, and of course, it will hide your food-baby).  He takes you back to your place, and you invite him inside to "talk", if you get my drift.  After "talking" for a while he exclaims,  "WOAHHH! What is that thing around your stomach?!!!" .... The truth comes out. You must explain that you're neither wearing a one piece swimsuit, nor a back-brace.  How awkward is that?  
Anyways, what is the verdict on these things?  I know that sometimes they are necessary (i.e. formal wear), but really, who are you trying to hide from?  
Remember, You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14
XOXO, Dylan

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