9 Life Lessons in My First 20 Years of Life

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DRAMA: Nothing good happens after midnight. So don't press "send" on that impulsive text message, and don't make that phone call that you know you shouldn't make.  Actually- I put my phone on silent.

RELATIONSHIPS: Leave at the height of impulse.  In relationships (that you value), platonic or romantic, it's best to end your interactions on a good note.  Leave the other person feeling good about the interaction... wanting more.  Don't wait until things get boring, and don't give them too much of yourself too soon.  Let's put it in college terms: You're at a party. A guy is into you, and you're into him.  You're talking and you have just given him your number. What now?  DO make him laugh and maybe give him a hug or touch his arm, but if you're actually interested then DON'T go home with him.  I can already hear your phone ringing.

RELIGION: Oftentimes the best way to show God's love is by example.  Others will see that you have "something" in your life that is missing from theirs.  This "something" shows itself through your joy, your freedom, your openness, your willingness to listen, loyalty in relationships, eagerness to relate, through everyday conversation, and through the manner in which you deal with difficult circumstances.  It's in your eyes, your smile. They will see God's love dwelling within your spirit, and this is your opportunity to share it.  Let them reciprocate in sharing their thoughts.  Truly listen. It will draw them in, rather than push them away.

HATERS: Consider the source. This one is simple. If you don't know someone, and more importantly, if they don't know you, then take criticism with a grain of salt.  No need to be offended by their words.  Just like a pimp- brush yo shoulders off.

SELF-HELP: Google offers so much wisdom.  I use Google to get personal advice, relationship advice, spiritual advice, professional advice, etc.   I'll be honest. When I was a freshman in high school I googled "how to slow dance with a boy".  Haha, I know.

YOU: Don't let others define you.  This seems totally unoriginal, but I'm dead serious.  Don't let others make your decisions or tell you how to live your life.  You be you.  You are an original masterpiece, created by God.  Everyone is different, yet of equal importance.  Don't let anyone try to mold you into the person they think you should be.  You will feel diminished, and your spirit will be crushed.  Remember: be you, because you are fricken awesome.

FINANCE: Never carry a balance.  This can be a sensitive subject for some people, and I don't mean to offend anyone.  My parents are a bit on the, ehem, older side of the spectrum, and I admire their depression-era financial values: Avoid loans. Save, save, save. Make smart investments. Pay the full balance of your credit card(s) every month. Use coupons (my mom mails them to me when I'm at school, haha). Gotta love it.

ACCESSORIES: Rule of thumb- Brown accessories and Silver jewelry.  For example, it's easier to pair a brown belt with a black dress than it is a black belt with a brown dress... um, do you follow?  As far as jewelry,  silver is more versatile than brassy gold.  In general, these shades are more timeless and less "harsh."

YOUR BOOTY: Invest your $$$... in a pair of dark wash jeans that fit you like a glove.  They'll make your booty pop.  Now who could put a price on that?

XOXO, Dylan

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