4 Legitimately Creative Tips for Clear Skin

6:19:00 PM

1. Swim laps.  I'm not sure why, but chlorine does wonders for your clearing up skin.  If you're like me and lack any real swimming technique, I suggest going to the rec in the morning, before it's too busy.

2. Change your pillow case every other night.  This is my #1 way to clear up breakouts.  You will see the results in two days, guaranteed.
3. Stop touching your face.  I don't care if you are a germ-freak that carries hand sanitizer on your keychain.  Your hands produce natural oils.  You might as well be pushing Crisco into your pores.
4. Take off your makeup ASAP.  When my skin misbehaves I don't wear face makeup unless it's my Almay Clear Complexion Powder.  Even so, when I get home from classes I take everything off.... of my face, I mean.

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