The key to a girl's heart: Your Sweatshirt.

1:36:00 PM

This is SO under-acknowledged.
GUYS: Girls want to wear your sweatshirt.   Ask any girl.  It's true.  Here's why: 
1. We love the way it envelopes our entire body.  It makes us feel small.
2. It smells like "man." I'm not talking about sweaty, stinky, pre-pubescent "boy" smell.  I'm talking about rugged, spicy, just-went-hunting, "man" smell.  Mmm yea.
3.  It makes us feel taken care of.  You might as well say, "I can provide for you."
4.  Love surpasses style.  We don't mind if it's an ugly color or it says, "Holy Family Catholic High School" on it.   We just want to wear it because it was yours.
5. You will have to somehow get it back from us.  Hello, second date.
6. A perk for you: When you get it back, it will smell AMAZING.  You will never want to wash it again, because it will smell like us.  In fact, you will probably want to bury your face in it and inhale deeply.

Boys: Take advantage of this rainy, dreary Williamsburg weather.  Hand over that hoodie.
Girls: Lovingly accept :]
XOXO, Dylan

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