DIY Instructions: "Bro-Tank" that Shirt.

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You, like the rest of the population, probably have a towering stack of unfitted, generic, t-shirts that say things like "Seniors 08", or "Breast Cancer 3-Day".   Maybe they were free, or maybe you forked over $15 to student organizations for them, and you have now realized it was a huge waste of money.  After all, you likely only wore a shirt 5x before retiring it to the "sleep-shirt" status.  They're great for lazy days around the house, or to protect your "real clothes" while you're painting a wall, but otherwise, these shirts often become forgotten memories.  I have a super HOT, SASSY, FUN, CREATIVE, EASY way to reinvent these boring shirts.  It's time to meet- "The Bro-Tank."

It's easy, just follow steps, 1-2-3.  
1. Pick a shirt from the stack.  If you like the color and the length, it will work. 
2. With a sharp scissors, cut off the sleeves, at first just cutting them at the arm-hole/shoulder seam on each side.  Cut the arm holes as long as you would like to (vertically).  On the single layer of fabric in the front cut a line towards the ribbed collar,  making the Bro-Tank straps about 2" wide. 
3. Turn the shirt over with the back is facing up.  Cut only the back layer of fabric from the bottom of the arm hole to the collar (in a C-shape), creating a t-back, while leaving the front full-coverage.

Bro-Tank Tip: ALWAYS wear a sports bra underneath, otherwise, um, awkward? And if you're going to the gym, pair it with a bright, contrasting, neon sports bra; think hot pink or lime green.  The combination of a little ribcage and a little pop of color underneath is totally alluring. 
XOXO, Dylan

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