13 Common Mistakes in Business Attire at College Career Fairs

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You tug at your tie every 5 seconds.  You don't know what shoes to wear.  You left the size sticker on your shirt.  You are stiff. You feel awkward. You can't breathe.  You would rather be wearing athletic shorts and Tribe Pride t-shirt.  What's going on?  You are a college student on the way to the career fair, about to pee your pants and looking nervous as can be.  

1. GIRLS- Don't walk as if your knees are glued together. 
I know pencil skirts can be a challenge, however, if the skirt is too narrow at the knee to the point where you have to take awkward baby steps, DON'T BUY IT.  Practice walking up and down the aisle of the dressing room, BEFORE you make the purchase.
2. BOYS- Use an iron. 
It will make it appear as if you actually use the hangers in your closet.  No one will know that you actually just pile your clothes on the floor
3. GIRLS- Never buy business attire in the "Juniors" section of a department store.
There is a HUGE difference between quality of professional clothes in the Women/Misses section and the Juniors section.  The material is thin and cheaper looking, the fit is rarely conservative enough on your curves, and you will end up looking like a trashy restaurant hostess.  Just saying.
4. BOYS- Proper tie length. 
I see it all over campus- ties that end 4-5 inches above your waistband, and ties that linger in front of your crotch.  Proper length: The end should hit between the top and bottom of your belt.  P.S.  If you're not wearing a belt, you should be.
This is often a gray area for many girls.  Do you put it up?  Do you wear it down?  Well, it's really up to you, but there are some things you definitely should NOT be doing with your hair.
DON'Ts: High pony-tails, Large sparkly/glittery hair accessories, the Snooki Poof, and the Lauren Conrad side-braid
DO's: Keep it out of your face, use bobby-pins, frame your face, tame the frizz, and keep it conservative.
6. GUYS- Don't swim in your suit jacket. 
We've all seen guys who look as if they're wearing their dad's suit, probably because the sleeves reach their finger tips, and the amount of extra room in the jacket could hold about 20 lbs of additional beer-belly.  A tailored suit jacket is SO worth the investment.  The fit of your jacket makes a strong impact on the first impression.
7. GIRLS-  Wear shoes you can walk in.
Pumps are definitely something to get used to, but until you have perfected your walk, you're better off in a low kitten-heel or flats.  Remember: Pointed-toe flats are more professional that rounded-toe flats; they elongate your leg and give the illusion of a heel.
8. BOYS- Business representatives don't want to see your undershirt.
Make sure that your white oxfords are of an opaque, quality material so that we cannot see through to the obvious white undershirt.  It's even worse if we can see pictures and words on the undershirt through your oxford.
9. GIRLS- White shirt --> Skin-tone Bra.
Many girls think that if you're wearing a white shirt, you should wear a white bra- NOT SO!  We can see your entire bra, missy!  A nude-colored bra matches your skin tone, and the bra appears no different than your skin tone through the transparency of the shirt.
10. BOYS- Match your socks to your pants, NOT your shoes.
I learned this from a boy over the summer.  If your socks match your pants, then when your pants expose your ankles, it will not be as obvious because the same line of color will not distract the eye.
11. GIRLS- Don't let your lip-gloss be poppin'. 
Pink, sparkly lip gloss says, "Girls just wanna have fun."  Stick with a matte lipstick in a shade close to your natural lip color, or stick to Chapstick. 
12. BOYS- Clean-cut and clean-shaven.
Shave that 5 O'clock shadow, no matter how sexy you think it is. The rugged, "homeless-man" look doesn't exactly fly with Deloitte representatives.  Remember: It will always grow back.
13.  GIRLS- Hell No to Open Toe.
I don't care if it is sunny and 100 degrees outside, there is no exception to wearing closed-toe shoes.  Nothing about your appearance, from your head to your toes, should be a distraction, no matter how much you want to show off your sassy new pedicure.

As a rule of thumb: Keep it classy. And remember, you are not alone.
Proverbs 3:6- In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight. 

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