Advice from a College Guy: 8 Annoying Things Girls Do.

10:57:00 PM

1. When we offer our help, don't get defensive. We're just trying to be caring. You're always asking for chivalry, so when we offer, don't refuse it.

2. There are some guys who enjoy shopping with their significant others, mostly just to spend time with them. We love to be seen out with our hot mama's, but when we go into a store and you try on ten pairs of jeans and eight tops, please, buy something.

3. If we take you to a buffet, you can't just eat a piece of grilled chicken and two carrot sticks.

4. Don't comment on another man's arms: EVER.

5. Don't try to dress us. We're grown. When we go into a store together, don't dominate the experience. Even if we ask for help, seek our opinions--it makes us feel attractive to our significant other.

6. If we watch a chick flick(s) with you (i.e. The Princess Bride), don't express discontent when we want you to watch college football with us.

7. We know it's tough being a girl. But when we don't understand something about you, such as why you would wear a piece of string as underwear, don't get frustrated; help us learn. 

8. If you tell us it's going to take you thirty minutes to get ready, it needs to take no more than thirty-five. There is not an additional thirty minute grace period--be ready when you tell us you will be.

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