American Apparel: For $25 get $50 worth of clothing and accessories!!!

3:52:00 PM


This morning Groupon emailed me about American Apparel's online, 3 day sale! Check it out on
the site!  I am a big fan of American Apparel skirts.  They are high-quality, have an elastic waistband, and can be worn in many ways and in every season.  Also, the skirts are long enough to cover your cheeks, imagine that.  In particular, I'm loving the Jersey Pocket Skirt  ($30) and the California Fleece Tulip Skirt ($32).  I have the Jersey Pocket Skirt in Heather Black and I've gotten SO much use out of it in the past 3 years!  It's perfect for going out because you can put your ID and a few dolla dolla billz in the [deep] pockets!  Both skirts come in 11-12 different colors.  AND with the sale you can get both skirts for $37 total! Check out all of the different ways to wear them. 

Happy Weekend!
Dyl Pickle

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