Searching for a Winter Peacoat: Hidden Gems at Wilson's Leather

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When I think of Wilson's Leather, I think of the middle-aged man in the peak of his mid-life crisis, looking to buy a "cool" leather jacket because his wife would not let him get the Harley Davidson that he really, actually wanted.  
I recently visited a Wilson's Leather outlet near my College.  I was looking for a 3/4 length peacoat for my semester in London.  
Upon entering the store I was hit with the intoxicating aroma of "man."  I'm not talking about smelly B.O.  I'm talking about sexy, manly, leather.  Instantly, I was skeptical of finding anything even close to "feminine" in the store.
Thankfully, I was wrong.  Wilson's Leather had a fantastic selection of quality, low-priced, and FEMININE coats.  They had over 15 different options of 3/4 length peacoats.  And they were all between $40-$90!  
It had to meet 3 requirements: 
1) BLACK: It needed to match all of my scarves, plus, a cream coat is a magnet for dirt.  
2) 3/4 length: It needed to reach the bottom of the hemline when I wore it with dresses and skirts.  Paired with tights and boots, this would create that adorable European-girl silhouette.  Is there such a thing as the "European-girl silhouette"?  I don't know, but in my mind there is. 
3) Belted:  Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean we have to hide underneath big, potato-sack coats.  A belted coat promises a feminine silhouette, even if you think you have "no waist."  

Check out my favorites:

Let me know what you think!
And check out the site for more great deals: Wilson's Leather

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