"No Shave November" has some men looking a bit homeless.

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"No Shave November" is a lot like swimsuit-season.  It's a tradition where men show off just how "manly" they are... in the form of facial hair.  I realize that this may not be the real purpose of "No Shave November," but behind all of the fuss about unity and collectivity among the male species, I believe that there is an underlying sense of competition and comparison.   Why do I think this?
I hear guys sizing up and commenting on each others' facial hair.  I watch some give up halfway through November, because instead of getting that Jeremiah Johnson beard, they end up with the whiskers of a 55 year old woman going through menopause. 
Now, I don't think its necessarily fair to compare facial hair, because rather than being reflective of a guy's manhood, it's more reflective of his genetic makeup.  But this isn't going to stop the trend of comparison.  Hence, I'm going share a few ideas of how to make your stubble work, no matter how much (or little) you have. Check out the photos below for the a couple of examples of the right way to do facial hair.  
Notice that they follow these two rules:1) consistent & even length and 2) once it starts getting patchy, don't try to "wait it out".... because in the meantime you'll look like a. you're going through a breakup or b. you lost your job.

**By the way, this post is directed to the fellas.  For any menopausal mommies out there, I'll tackle your facial hair next time. 

No matter what type of facial hair God has blessed you with, remember, it's totally workable.  
XOXO, Dylan

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