Airport Attire: Lauren Conrad vs. Nicole Richie

11:09:00 PM

Getting to London:
Minnesota to Philadelphia. CHECK
Philadelphia to Boston. CHECK
Boston to Iceland. In Progress 
Iceland to London. 
Oh my gosh. 
That's a hella lotta connections getting from MN to London and about 32 hours of travel.  Travel = stuffed suitcases, long lines for customs, hours of waiting, swollen hands, too-cold airplanes, crying babies, and fat men whose arms spill into your lap on the plane.  Traveling, especially alone, requires you to adapt quickly and create your own comfort.  You know what this means: Outfit changes.  Here's my little plan.
I'm leaving MN at 5:45 a.m.  Now I could say, "screw it" and wear pajamas like Lauren Conrad... but... um, I don't think so. I'm thinking of going the Nicole Richie route in spandex and layers on top.  Warmth and comfort is key.  The plan is to just change tops a lot.  And of course, I'm carrying on all of my mini toiletries and make-up.   Gotta keep it fresh.  Traveling is no excuse for running ragged and/or dressing like a teenage boy who rolled out of bed. 
Wish me luck.  Prayers are appreciated.  I'm super nervous. 
XOXO, Dylan

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