Greetings from a London Girl!!!

5:42:00 PM

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XOXO, Your London Girl
P.S.  Here are a few photos.  I plan to put up more pictures after tomorrow.  I will be walking a lot.  So I'll try to snap some pics of the "mad" fashions people have going on here, as well as some of the more wearable looks that scream "I'm an adorable London girl."
Teeth brushing on my first day in London... just for my mom.  She's a dentist. 
All ready in leopard print for day 1.  Oh, and there is the toilet of where I'm staying.  Random, but they have the toilet and the shower in separate bathrooms. 
London College of Fashion!
Lunch at the cafe with new friends, Brian, Hattie, Emily, Kristina, and Dina.  . 
Outside my place of residency.  Amazing. 
New friends on a stroll after going to the pub for dinner :)

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