"Lady Butterfly" by Me

4:22:00 AM

While wandering around the Huntarian Museum, I found myself surrounded by grotesque carcasses preserved in a mucus-like substance, but it was the iridescent lavender butterfly seemingly trapped behind a glass case that tickled my fancy

Perhaps it was how the shade of metallic lilac resembled my favorite Wet N’ Wild nail polish.  Or maybe it was how the white swirls matched the tea set my mother gave me.  Or perhaps it was the way in which the milky brown antennas fell limp just like my boyfriend’s hair.  Whatever it was, this butterfly made my heart flutter with lovely memories.

I can picture where this butterfly had been, hundreds of years ago.  She, too, had many warm memories of her own.  This little lady had been a welcomed guest at many
 Old English Tea Parties.  
She always dressed herself in lavender silk, complete with a strand of round, white pearls.  Her dewy skin caught each ray of sun, reflecting a rainbow of color as she fluttered about her friends.  She was quiet, but her radiant presence never went unnoticed.
Although lady butterfly has now passed on, she has left her shimmering fashions behind to inspire all who visit her.  She even brings a *sparkle* of whimsy to the museum of dead carcasses.

                                           Hope you enjoyed!

                                              XOXO, Dylan

Heads Up: Butterflies and other little love bugs are going to be BIG in fashion this Spring/Summer 2011. 

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