My new happy place: Oliver Bonas

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This U.K. store is amazing.  They have lovely clothes, but I'm more keen towards their accessories and home ware.  Check out my favorites.

1. Simple Pleasures: Little Things That Make Life Worth Living.  It's an adorable book with writings about different "simple pleasures" in life that often go unnoticed.  For example, mowing the lawn or buying school supplies. 7.99 pounds.
2. Peanut Butter Cupcake Lip Balm.  It's currently out of stock, but if any of you could get your hands on this I would HIGHLY recommend this. 2.75 pounds.

3. Butterfly Earrings.  Just a heads up, butterflies and bees and little bugs are going to be a BIG ticket item for spring fashion.  Catch some up before the flutter away! 6 pounds.
4. Glitter Butterfly Floating Candles. Candles are already romantic, but these ones will give you extra butterflies.  Haha, so corny but I don't care.  3.95 pounds.
5. Pip Studio Floral Tea Pot.  I've been getting really into tea lately.  It's starting to even replace Diet Coke!  Imagine that!?  32 pounds.
6. Pip Studio Large Floral Jug.  So cute. Use it to serve lemonade or sweet tea in the summertime.   Or use it as a vase when your sweetheart brings you flowers. 19.50 pounds.
7. Pip Studio Early Bird Mug.  Now who wouldn't wake up early to drink out of this little mug of cuteness?  I think I would even carry this around town with me.  8 pounds.
8. Mother of Pearl Flower Knob.   Adorable knobs are the best way to transform your $15 Ikea dresser into a unique piece of furniture.  For a more eclectic look, try mixing and matching knobs from all different places! 5 pounds.
9. Butterfly Votive Candle.  Have you noticed that butterflies are a big theme? 3 pounds.

"Keep Calm and Carry On Shopping" mug. 
"Keep Glam and Rock On" mug. 
"When in Doubt, Brew Up" mug. 
And my favorite, "Cake is for Life, Not Just for Christmas" mug.  For 6.50 pounds each, these would be a fun set to have around the house.  How unique, and what great sayings.

11. Frozen Smiles.  Ice cubes that look like dentures floating in water- now who wouldn't want to get their hands one these?  Maybe it's because I'm a dentist's daughter. 5 pounds.
12. Iska Blue Anchor Dress.  Only because I know several ladies in Delta Gamma (Shout out to Morgan Faulkner and Emma Merrill!), I had to include this awesome tunic dress.  How perfect would this be for a sorority event? And for only 10 pounds!!! What a steal :)

Hope you are enjoying Oliver Bonas as much as I am!  It's such a haven amidst the busy city of London.  Check out their site for many more goodies.  You're bound to find some things that you absolutely fancy :)
Have a Dolly Day!

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