Wild hair and a homework project..

8:25:00 PM

This was my hair today.  I am still taking Biotin to make it grow.  The bottle says I can safely pop 5 pills a day.  SWEET!  I braided a 2" section about halfway back on my head on each side.  Then I loosely pulled my front layers back with it and pinned it at eyebrow level.  It's simple, but kind of nice. Today, I had a 6 hour class called Visual Merchandising.  It was long, but at one point we told to design a SS11 mood board in 30 min for "the young, contemporary woman who shops at high-street stores" (Topshop, H&M, Zara, etc).  Check out our final product below!  I LOVE making these things. 
Happy Sunday!
Dylan Maureen

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